We don’t need to talk too much about Michael Jordan, seeing as he’s the most famous basketball player of all time and is still considered an absolute sports legend. The Jordan Brand has his own fashion and lifestyle line created in collaboration with Nike, inspired by the high quality and unique style brought by Jordan. Since then the Jordan Brand brought several iconic silhouettes to the world of sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5 or the Air Jordan 11.

Jordan - comfort and style for sports and leisure

When Nike and Michael Jordan started working together in 1984, Jordan was not the big NBA star we know today. He was still an ambitious young player at the time and his story of success had not yet been written. Everything Michael Jordan and Nike touched turned to gold. Jordans collaboration with Nike proved to be incredibly beneficial to both parties. Due to the popularity of Jordan, Nike promoted Jordan to its own brand in 1997. Soon thereafter, Jordan could not only provide excellent sports shoes, but also provide functional and fashionable Basketball clothes.

Play like the pros

Whether you are playing on a neighborhood concrete court or participating in an important indoor game with the team, only suitable basketball shoes and functional clothing can provide you with an ideal starting position. The brand's products all involve innovative technical features that can help you reach your best performance on the court. Jordan shoes with high-tops can provide a firm grip and prevent injuries. Thanks to Zoom Air (Nike), Phylon, React (Nike) and other technologies, they can ensure the best cushioning effect, which is very easy on your tendons and joints.

Dynamic for the hall, style for everyday life

The indoor model is known for its special wear-resistant non-slip sole, which can perfectly grasp the hall floor. In order to complete the outfit, the Jordan brand provides comfortable basketball clothing that fit the body, and ensures long-lasting comfort through breathability and effective moisture delivery. Many people not only use Jordan T-shirts, hoodies and pants for sports, but also for leisure activities, because the brand's design is so compelling.