If you have a body, you’re an athlete. One of many famous quotes by Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike and former track & field coach at Oregon State. Nike is world famous for bringing breakthrough technology and innovation to the athlete and manage perfectly well to transform sportswear from track to the street.

Nike - The Story behind the brand

Nike’s story began back in the early 70’s as a University-Project with a budget of 1200 Dollars. At the time, middle-distance runner Phil Knight and coach Bill Bowerman founded their own sportswear label under the name inspired by the Greek goddess of victory Nike. In 1971 the student Carolyn Davidson designed the world famous swoosh design for $35, which represents the wings of the Greek goddess Nike. Seeking an athlete endorsement, Nike signed the hesitant NBA rookie Michael Jordan who also got a signature shoe line. The Air Jordan. All the while Hip-Hop culture was on the rise in US. Nike recognized this opportunity and sold Jordans not only for athletes but for rappers and artists too. Many sneaker enthusiasts today say this was when the Sneaker head movement in the US really started. From the get go Nike made sure their shoes were hard to get. That meant customers had to line up to get their hands on brand new releases.

Nike - Just do it!

In the 80’s the slogan «Just Do It» was born and has stayed relevant for over 25 years. The slogan sums it up: just do it! If that doesn't motivate you, you can be inspired by Nike’s large portfolio of Influencers. Such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, LeBron James, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer just to name a few. The list of professional athletes, clubs, national teams and leagues sponsored by Nike is long and includes prominent representatives of a wide variety of sports. Not surprisingly, the Swoosh Brand is the official supplier of the NFL and the US national basketball team. In football, they sponsor clubs such as FC Barcelona, Paris St.-Germain and Manchester City as well as the national teams of Brazil, France and Portugal. They all trust in the outstanding quality of Nike sportswear, from sports shoes to functional shirts.

Air Max Technology

With Air Max, Nike revolutionized the athletic footwear market and the brand laid the foundation for numerous successful Nike shoe collections like the Air Max to Nike Zoom. The visibility of the technology has become a trademark not only for the Air Max. The Shox technology, which is integrated into the sole like a shock absorber, is another sign of Nike’s distinctive combination of technology and design.

Nike Sportswear & athletic style

Nike stands not only for sophisticated sportswear, but above all for their legendary shoe designs. Nike sports shoes have a certain hype that surrounds them like no other shoes and every release is eagerly awaited by fans and the industry. Sportiness meets aesthetics and becomes high quality products that accompany whole generations. Whether it's Nike Air Max, Nike Free or Mercurial, you'll find designs that have helped the world's best athletes win and bring your goals within reach!

Who are Nike products made for?

You, me and the others. For people who identify as men and women or neither. Professional athletes and amateurs. Regulars and celebrities. Teenagers and adults. In short: The target group of the Nike is as diverse as its portfolio. Someone who needs high-quality, reliable sports equipment is just as right for Nike as someone who likes to wear sporty clothes and casual shoes in their free time. The large selection of models and designs and the constant new releases speak for themselves: Nike is for everyone.

The most iconic silhouettes of Nike

We all know this silhouette and might have at least one pair in our home - The Air Max. There are already countless variants of this successful model and an end is not yet in sight. Above all, the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max 98 or even the Air Max 1 are icons in the Sneaker community. With many new colorways, OG Restocks and silhouette innovations, such as the expansion to premium materials or the new "Ultra", Nike has celebrated its successful model in style.

The Air Force - That began as a basketball shoe has developed into a iconic and classic street style shoe. There is a wide range of colour combinations and low, mid or high variants. There is something for everyone. But the most popular model is clearly the All White Air Force 1, which is considered the most successful and best-selling shoe in the world. Even if no official sales figures are available, this assumption is in any case reasonable. Hardly any other silhouette has shaped the street scene (especially in the 90's) as much as Air Force 1, and the silhouette has also brought together cultures and people from the most diverse groups. Because the Air Force 1 was not only a must-have on the basketball court, also on the street the AF1 was seen everywhere. In the meantime, the silhouette has had to bow to the ravages of time, many new silhouettes are on the market and the competition is not sleeping either. Nevertheless, the Air Force 1 has a special place in the heart of many Sneakerheads.